By now you have seen my work. This is who I am and what I do. I make and create beautiful pieces of cabinetry, furniture and windsor chairs. I start by listening to you. I pay attention to what you want and how you want it to look. I then offer the best advice I know how and do my best to anticipate those pesky details you may not have thought about. In short, I apply my expertise to your problem.

Everything I make must look it's best, but it also has to function in a manner which is clearly beneficial to you at a  price you find affordable. The look is often what most people are concerned about. Their kitchen or entertainment center must look a certain way. Rest assured it will look as good as or better than your expectations. But what good is that look if the piece does not function well or serve its purpose? You will soon tire of that look. Successful form follows successful function. Sounds great, but what will it cost? Not as much as you may think. Often I find that my prices are significantly lower than my competitors. This is because of how I have built my business and how I operate it. Very low overhead allows me to pass savings on to you. 

Some points of interest you may wish to know;

  • "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Member of the Cumberland Furniture Guild
  • In business for over 15 years, making things since age 11.
  • Classically trained in Windsor Chair Construction by The Windsor Institute of Hampton, NH
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Father of two and husband to the one and only

Give Mike a call, send him an email, or drop him a text.. He is glad to help and ready to serve.

Creating Furniture Your Children Will Fight Over